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Hedgehog signaling proteins keep cancer stem cells alive

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Scientists have discovered that the survival of cancer stem cells is dependent on the 'Hedgehog signaling pathway'. Targeting this pathway had previously shown no effect on the growth of colorectal cancer. Now, scientists have demonstrated that using different drugs to target a specific aspect of the pathway may yield better treatment outcomes for patients.

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CancerSEEK to detect cancer with a blood test

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Scientists in the US have developed a universal blood test capable of detecting eight different types of cancer.


Oral Contraceptives Reduce Risk for Ovarian and Endometrial Cancers

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The effect is especially evident in smokers, the obese and those who exercise infrequently.

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Factor that doubles the risk of death from breast cancer identified

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Researchers have discovered that the risk of death from breast cancer is twice as high for patients with high heterogeneity of the estrogen receptor within the same tumor as compared to patients with low heterogeneity. The study shows that the higher risk of death is independent of other known tumor markers and also holds true for Luminal A breast cancer.

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Trump cancels Mar-a-Lago departure as shutdown looms

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Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney says chances of a shutdown are "50-50"

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Two new breast cancer genes emerge from lynch syndrome gene study

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Researchers have identified two new breast cancer genes that also cause Lynch syndrome.

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Blood test could catch eight cancers before they spread

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January 20, 2018 5:00 AM
MIAMI • A new blood test for cancer has shown promise of detecting eight different kinds of tumours before they have spread elsewhere in the body, offering hope of early detection, researchers said on Thursday.

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New method to stop cells dividing could help fight cancer

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Researchers have used a new strategy to shut down specific enzymes to stop cells from dividing. The method can be used as a strategy to fight cancer.

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Can mice really mirror humans when it comes to cancer?

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A new study is helping to answer a pressing question among scientists of just how close mice are to people when it comes to researching cancer. The findings reveal how mice can actually mimic human breast cancer tissue and its genes, even more so than previously thought, as well as other cancers including lung, oral and esophagus.

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Why animals diversified on Earth: Cancer research provides clues

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Can tumors teach us about animal evolution on Earth? Researchers believe so and now present a novel hypothesis of why animal diversity increased dramatically on Earth about half a billion years ago. A biological innovation may have been key.

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