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Small plane with 6 on board vanishes from radar in Bahamas

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NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) — Authorities lost track of a small plane with six people on board Wednesday as it traveled between two islands in the Bahamas and searchers later found a debris field, suggesting...

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Sparkle Unleashed Review - Orb Shooting Madness | Switch Era

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Jack from writes: "There is one thing the Switch certainly isnt lacking in and that is eShop titles. The system is perfect for quick pick up and play titles for when you are on the go and Sparkle Unleashed is a title that takes advantage of that. Developed by 10tons, Sparkle Unleashed is a puzzle game that has the player firing off orbs to match the same colour as the ones going along the track to break them and stop them reaching the end, because if they do its game over."


FA Cup Review: Wigan dump Bournemouth out, nine-man Chelsea scrape through

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Bournemouth became the latest Premier League side to be dumped out in the FA Cup third round, suffering a heavy defeat at the hands of League One side Wigan Athletic, although Chelsea survived penalty drama against Norwich City. The Cherries had drawn 2-2 at home against Wigan in the initial tie but despite Eddie Howe ...]


| Worst-case global warming scenarios not credible, says study

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Findings should not be seen as taking pressure off need to tackle climate change, authors warn
Earth’s surface will almost certainly not warm up four or five degrees Celsius by 2100, according to a study which, if correct, voids worst-case UN climate change predictions.
A revised calculation of how greenhouse gases drive up the planet’s temperature reduces the range of possible end-of-century outcomes by more than half, researchers said in the report, published in the journal Nature.

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| Japan breakthrough could improve weather warnings and save lives

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Data collected by Himawari-8 weather satellite paired with supercomputer programme
A project harnessing data from a Japanese satellite could improve weather forecasting and allow officials to issue life-saving warnings before , researchers say.
The project is the first time “infrared radiation luminance data” has been used to model weather patterns in areas under heavy cloud cover that would usually stymie such modelling.

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Study Absolves Rats Of Blame For Europe's Black Death

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Rats get a bad rap for spreading the bubonic plague, or Black Death, that killed millions of people in medieval Europe, but it turns out the rodents may not be to blame after all, CBS News reports. Instead, the disease may have spread from person to person through human-feeding parasites, including fleas and lice, a new study conducted by researchers from Norway’s University of Oslo and Italy’s University of Ferrara suggests. The findings challenge "the assumption that plague in Europe was predominantly spread by rats," the researchers wrote in their study, published online Tuesday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Plague is caused by a bacterium called...

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New way to target the growth of breast cancer cells

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Researchers have found a new way of halting the growth of breast cancer cells. The researchers explored a new way to starve cancer cells from their molecular energy source. They hope that their discoveries can be further developed into a new way of treating breast cancer, and possibly other types of cancer.

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Secrets of longevity protein revealed in new study

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Named after the Greek goddess who spun the thread of life, Klotho proteins play an important role in the regulation of longevity and metabolism. In a recent study, researchers revealed the three-dimensional structure of one of these proteins, beta-Klotho, illuminating its intricate mechanism and therapeutic potential.

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Semiconductor breakthrough may be game-changer for organic solar cells

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In an advance that could push cheap, ubiquitous solar power closer to reality, researchers have found a way to coax electrons to travel much further than was previously thought possible in the materials often used for organic solar cells and other organic semiconductors.

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Prebiotics in infant formula could improve learning and memory and alter brain chemistry

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Among other benefits, breast milk contains natural sources of prebiotics: small, indigestible fiber molecules that promote the growth of good bacteria in the baby's gut. Yet for many families, breastfeeding is difficult or impossible. Fortunately, modern infant formulas are getting closer to the real thing with the help of University of Illinois researchers.

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