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Doctor Zhivago, Oliver! art director dies

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Terence Marsh, the Academy Award-winning art director and production designer behind Doctor Zhivago, Oliver! and The Shawshank Redemption has died in his California home after battling cancer for four years. He was 86.

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New model for uncovering true HIV mortality rates in Zambia

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A new study that seeks to better ascertain HIV mortality rates in Zambia could provide a model for improved national and regional surveillance approaches, and ultimately, more effective HIV treatment strategies.

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Startup Komprise Getting Traction in Tough-to-Crack Storage MarketStartup Komprise Getting Traction in Tough-to-Crack Storage Market

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By using analytics, Komprise identifies the data best suited for the cloud, then transparently archives and replicates the data.

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Opinion: Frigid Baltimore City schools and the racism we haven't confronted

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Earlier this week, amid freezing temperatures, students across Baltimore City returned from winter break to face unheated classrooms. About 60 schools -- nearly one-third of the entire system -- reported issues, leading to the closure of four schools on Wednesday and early dismissal in two others. The teacher's union condemned the conditions as "unfair and inhumane." And teachers quickly took to social media to post images of shivering students and thermostats registering harsh temperatures.

Steve Bannon’s fall appears to delight nearly everyone

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Breitbart's own White House correspondent called Bannon a honey badger — a weasel-like creature known for jamming its face into beehives. Liberals mostly just laughed at him.

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Cold snap exposes cracks in upkeep of timeworn schools

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The recent spell of cold weather exposed the poor state of school buildings in many big-city districts, including Baltimore, where the failure of heating systems closed dozens of institutions after children were left shivering in frigid classrooms.

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Arthur Miller archive going to University of Texas library

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The archives of Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Arthur Miller, which shed light on seven decades of his works, will be going on display at the University of Texas.

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Bees swarm rescuers after fatal lorry crash in Australia

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Firefighters endured stings after a lorry carrying 200 beehives overturned, killing its driver.

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HIV spike linked to injection-drug use hits Cincinnati area

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Early warning sign was an increase in hepatitis C, according to federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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New drug capsule may allow weekly HIV treatment

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Researchers have developed a capsule that can deliver a week's worth of HIV drugs in a single dose. This advance could make it much easier for patients to adhere to the strict schedule of dosing required for the drug cocktails used to fight the virus, the researchers say.

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