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The Great Ace Attorney 2 - Ryunosuke Naruhodo's Resolve (3DS) Review | VGChartz

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VGChartz's Thomas Froehlicher: "Capcom had planned everything from the start. The Great Ace Attorney might have felt disappointing, but it was clearly meant to be the prelude to a greater story; one which finally comes together here in The Great Ace Attorney 2. It features all of the elements that make the series so enjoyable: tricky cases, hilarious characters, splendid music, and unforgettable turnabouts. It finally makes for a spin-off that is, in the end, as great as the main series."

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Eighth Grade Is a Poignant Portrait of Middle School in the Time of Snapchat

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When we meet 13-year-old Kayla Day, she’s particularly hung up on a single descriptor: talkative. In a YouTube video she posts for her single-digit subscriber base, she insists that even though people at school see her as shy and quiet, she is in fact, totally talkative. She uses the word ...


New Final Fantasy VII Remake Images Revealed

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Square Enix displayed a few pieces of artwork of the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake for PS4 as part of an exhibition in Tokyo.


Monster Hunter World Is a Jurassic Park Role-Playing Game With Cats [Gadgets 360]

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Gadgets 360 says: "Furthermore, the game is a visual showcase for the PS4 Pro. Theres a welcome sense of consistency with beach environments and dense jungles alike being great to look at, as is your home base. Developer Capcom has thankfully included an option to allow users to prioritise graphical quality or frame rate prior to playing, and has a toggle for HDR as well. All of this ensures theres barely a pixel out of place and choosing better image quality didn't make the game any less playable, with it maintaining a stable frame rate even in busy sections."

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Snap Is Laying Off Employees in One of Its Most Important Divisions

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Snapchat's content team just got a bit smaller. What does it mean for investors?


EU WARNING: How Italian election could DEVASTATE Brussels and tear Eurozone apart

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ITALY'S upcoming election is poised to plunge the European Union into a fresh crisis as anti-Brussels parties continue to make gains ahead of March's crunch vote.


L.A. Noire (PS4) - Review | SquareXO

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Rob Pitt writes: Ill be honest here, I own L.A. Noire on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC yet Ive never played it until now. I didnt not play it for any particular reason, I just saw it as a game which would need me to invest a lot of time into and I never had the time to sit down and drift into Rockstars masterpiece. However, I was given the PS4 remaster so I made time and played the whole game through to the end credits and Im glad I did. I feel like I accomplished something and finally understand what all the hype for the game was about and how it was all justified. So, come with me as I don my fedora and become Cole Phelps once more and solve the mystery of case #69: Is this game worth buying/rebuying?

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Games for 2018 | ReadersGambit

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With 2017 behind us, it's time to look towards 2018 for new and exciting upcoming games. Here's our picks from the crew of ReadersGambit.

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Golf: Thai duo lead by two strokes in weather-hit Singapore

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Thai Chapchai Nirat was joined by compatriot Danthai Boonma at the top of the Singapore Open leaderboard as the duo took a two-stroke lead after the third day of the weather-disrupted event on Saturday.


Why Dark Souls Remastered Shouldn't Mess With Bonfires

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Robert Zak rom shares his opinion on the upcoming Dark Souls: Remastered; "Bonfires are literal and figurative lights in the dark, both offering solace and emphasising your isolation."

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