Thursday, 18 January 2018
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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is the Worst Game I'll Play for Eighty Hours

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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an absolute gem hidden behind the worst game I've played in a while. It's fun, campy, long, portable, and hates the fact you want to play it. Here's some of the games major faults, and why it deserves a spot in your backlog anyways.


Sparkle Unleashed Review - Orb Shooting Madness | Switch Era

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Jack from writes: "There is one thing the Switch certainly isnt lacking in and that is eShop titles. The system is perfect for quick pick up and play titles for when you are on the go and Sparkle Unleashed is a title that takes advantage of that. Developed by 10tons, Sparkle Unleashed is a puzzle game that has the player firing off orbs to match the same colour as the ones going along the track to break them and stop them reaching the end, because if they do its game over."


Trevor Ariza and Gerald Green Suspended Over Rockets-Clippers Melee

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Ariza and Green were barred for two games each, but no other players were punished, as a result of a contentious game that included a locker room invasion.

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Magic: The Gathering Arena's Economy Revealed

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Magic: The Gathering has revealed tons of information about the game and economy players will face in a new blog entry.


Hennig: People Ask for Story Based Games But Aren't Necessarily Buying Them, They Just Watch Them

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Amy Hennig talked about the rising costs of game development as a real problem. She said that loot boxes and the focus on games as a service are the publisher's answers to this issue and matters are made worse when people ask for single player games but don't actually buy them, preferring to watch online.


Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Review - The Way It Should Have Been All Along | Raging Gazebo

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With more content catering to the single player mode, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition delivers what the initial release in 2016 should have been all along. The new modes give players more to accomplish and hone their skills, while the added V-trigger moves keeps things in the fighting ring interesting down to the last bit of health. The legendary fighting series has officially come roaring back to the scene, and looks like it's going to be here for a while.

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Difficulty Has Always Been and Always Will be Up to the Player

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When Cuphead released in late September last year, it was immediately met with equal measures of both praise and complaints. Even though it had been making appearances at gaming events like PAX in the years leading up to its release, it still managed to surprise everyone with its tough-as-nails gameplay. Some were delighted by its difficulty, some endured it for the sake of the games other charms and still others were quick to vocalize their discontent. The complaints continued even after Cupheads reputation as a demanding boss rush had been cemented. Some even went so far as to argue that its design excluded lesser-skilled players and that seeing a games end is something owed to the player rather than something they have to earn for themselves. This line of thinking is inherently flawed.

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Lamar Odom Thinks Khloe Will Be A "Great Mother," But Can't Resist Throwing Some Shade Over Her Dating Basketball Players

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You can tell he's still in love with her. Lamar Odom broke his silence on ex-wife Khloe Kardashian's pregnancy during an appearance on BET's The Mancave, and the troubled athlete made...


Review - Beholder Complete Edition | Game Hype

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Game Hype Wrote: "Beholder is like no other game that I've played on my PlayStation 4 before."


Kate Middleton Pats Baby Bump and Tells Kids She's Less Sporty Since Having "Babies"

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Patting her baby bump, pregnant Kate Middleton told pint-sized tennis players on Wednesday that she is less sporty now that she is a mother. The Duchess of Cambridge, who Kensington...


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